My name is Jeff. I’m here to rant and hopefully help you become a better web programmer as I explore web app development.

I am coding

My weapon of choice is JavaScript. I use it to craft Node servers and thick clients. It’s vital that I keep my full-stack skills sharp so that I can build what my imagination demands, but I have a great affinity for cool user experiences. My near-term goal is to level-up my JavaScript skills with more projects; then I will dive into functional programming with JS; then learn Clojure; then learn Haskell. But of course this is totally subject to change.

I am documenting

I’ve been fond of typing tons of text since the good ol’ days of Xanga (that’s before the days of Facebook, kids). There is generally too much on my mind at any given time, but blogging helps ease the overflow.

RebootJeff.com will cover my thoughts, discoveries, and reactions. This blog will focus on extra-cool engineering/programming nuggets I pick up, industry observations/tips, and other info I can’t help but share.

If you’re wondering how I made this blog, check out my first post and any posts tagged with the “blog customization” category. You can easily replicate it for yourself.

I am thinking of things other than code

blue car

  • Favorite Color: not green actually
  • Favorite Comic Book: Saga
  • Theme Song: “Reboot the Mission” by The Wallflowers
  • Inner Conflict: I like cars and the environment :’(
  • Expertise: comman grammer/spelling mistake’s
  • Desired Superpower: Ability to shoot telepathic/telekinetic beams that force victims to sing, dance, and perform whatever catchy song they’ve been listening to lately.